A brief introduction

Just what the world needs…another blog about food. So I may be a tad late to the party, but here we are, and don’t worry I come bearing delicious gifts, as I learned a long time ago never show up empty handed, always bring something to share…to be honest I’m not one into talking about myself, whenever I log on to any social media site I’m much more comfortable being a wallflower and get lost in the posts of others, sure I’ll put up something from time to time that I deem is worthy.
The point of this blog is to share not only my experiences, but the experience of those who are a part of my life. I am a chef. Cooking is my life. To be brutally honest it is all that I know. Even as a kid growing up in Nebraska, I knew it was what I wanted to do. So in the coming days, weeks, and (god willing) months, I will be posting about cooking classes, past and future, events and experiences at OCC, and anything else I can get my hands into. Seeing as I’ve never blogged before, I accept it as a fun and rewarding challenge. Thank you for stopping by, come back anytime…
-Chef Bryce Benes


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