Check out Orange County’s newest home brewing staple, Windsor Homebrew Supply Co.

 Let’s talk about Orange County’s newest home brew shop, located in beautiful Costa Mesa, off of Baker and Randolph, Windsor Homebrew Supply Co. First of all, Scott is the man, Me being a newb and all to the vast world of home brewing, my insecurities based on my lack of experience, gave me some reservations about walking into his beautiful new shop, but Scott with his cool-as-a-cucumber bed side manner is a very mellow dude, and answered all of my questions in a very approachable way.  

 The vast amount of equipment from the small space alone is very impressive as well as inviting. Everything from 15 gallon fermenters to an array of glass bottles, numerous varieties of all-grain malts, extracts, hops, beer kits, wine kits, even multitudes of spare parts for the advanced home brewer. Needless to say I wish Scott all the best and will definitely be returning in the near future for all of my brewing needs, along with a barrage of rookie brewing questions. As an added bonus, he is conveniently located across the street from my recently most favorite place to get a crafty pint- Barley Forge Brewery! These two places are sure to get the ever growing OC craft beer scene a run for its money. The two businesses even have a great deal during the month of June where if you show your receipt of $20 or more Barley will take a buck fifty off your first pint! You can’t beat that…So I urge all of you local home brewers or home brew wannabes like myself, to stop by this great spot.

I should also mention while I was there I picked up a case of bottles, and a capper, for my soon to be bottled batch of Punk Ipa. Using an awesome one gallon kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop my first experience so far has been a thrill. Scott mentioned that they can convert any large kit into a one gallon batch however for those of us that don’t have the extra space. Definitely a game changer, at least in my amateur-hour home brewing endeavours. Go check it out then fill up a growler at Barley Forge. Until next time, cheers!


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